Corded or Cordless Drills

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Cordless power drills remove the issue of cords entirely whilst still offering much desired power and efficiency for drilling. Using a cordless power drill certainly makes your life much easier, but there are some products on the market that really outshine their opposition in terms of efficiency, power, cost and practicality. Outlined below are some of the best cordless drills on the market that won’t break your bank but will repeatedly deliver excellent results throughout their use, making your life much easier as a result.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel and the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

This brand of drill is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used cordless drills available on the market, with many tradesmen beginning to use these beauties daily, if professionals use them, why don’t you? Many Milwaukee M18 fuel users have described this piece of kit as one of the best cordless power drills they have ever used, offering a high-power and cost-effective solution to cordless power drills.

Unlike many other drills, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel has a phenomenally high RPM (Rotations per minute) whilst still providing you with much needed comfort as you hold and use this tool, whilst also allowing you to have excellent control whilst drilling at high RPM. Furthermore, this drill also makes use of a brushless motor, allowing for a 55% increase in application speed and a range of 200 in-lbs to 1600 in-lbs of torque.

Even with the massive amount of power and long-lasting battery life, this tool still offers a compact and relatively lightweight tool to use for your home and business construction projects. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel is arguably one of the best cordless drills for homeowners, and for your money.

As a part of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2-tool combo kit, you will also receive the Milwaukee impact driver, offering an even more compact and lightweight tool with a 20v motor, offering almost as much power as its larger counterpart, but offering that much more practicality for those on the move, or trying to drill in tighter working environments.

Overall, both tools are fantastic pieces of kit and will make your time constructing and creating a breeze, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase them sooner!

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