Getting the Most for Your Home: Tips from a Real Estate Realtor

Home Builders

If you are considering selling your home, you don’t have to invest a small fortune in order to increase the value of the property. Local realtors say there are a number of low-cost projects that even a novice home improvement specialist can do over a weekend that will have a huge positive impact on the value of your home. Take the time to tackle these projects now before listing and they will have a bigger impact on the selling price down the road. 

Getting these projects underway before connecting with real estate Olathe KS agents will ensure your house be listed for the maximum dollar compared to the fair market analysis for your region of the country. 

Transforming the Home Entryway 

The front door of your house is the first thing many potential buyers see while driving by and searching for potential houses to put offers on. If your front door is not the focal point of the house, your home is less likely to be remembered. Imagine if all the houses in your area had white doors, and your door was a light purple that accented the grey shutters on the windows. Those folks that drive by will certainly remember the house with the purple door, and that is exactly what you want. 

If you cannot afford to buy a new door, purchase a gallon of paint, and some new brass door fixtures. Get the door off the hinges, bring it in the garage and put on a few new coats of paint, then add all the new handle, kick plate, and hinges. This inexpensive renovation could boost the value of the home by $8,000 and might set you back about fifty bucks. 

New Garage Door Project 

Although more costly than simply painting the front door, you could really transform the curb appeal of your property by replacing that dated garage door. Perhaps the garage door is as old as the house and works when it wants to if it is opening at all. There are a number of unique garage door styles on the market today, and many are a lot less expensive than you might think. A new garage door will give the entire home exterior a fresh new look, and it is definitely worth the investment. 

Depending on the style and function of the garage door, it might set you back between $600 and $900, depending on the installation company. Don’t worry, studies show this renovation could boost the value of the home considerably if you choose the style correctly. The classic barn door style garage doors might set you back more money, but you could easily get triple your investment back when you list your home. 

If you’re selling your home, these simple and cheap home renovation projects brought to you by Olathe KS agents are something the weekend warrior could easily accomplish, boosting the value of the house so you walk away at closing with as much profit as possible.