The Trick to Selling Your House for More Money

Real Estate

If you think that selling your house without a listing agent will allow you to save money and profit more, think again! Without a real estate agent, you are going to be running the entire show, from marketing the house, showing the house, to properly filing the purchase agreement. Each mistake you make extends the time until closing, or you could lose the buyer altogether if you didn’t verify they were qualified. Your real estate agent has the backing of their brokerage to help get the right buyers in the house, and close for more money than you could get. Here is how any experienced eau claire realty listing agents can help get the right buyers into your home in less time.

How Your Realtor Reaches a Bigger Audience

It doesn’t matter how deep your pockets, you could spend a small fortune trying to market your house without a real estate agent and you’ll never have the reach they do. Your listing agent has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and this directory gives your property a regional platform where other real estate agents can see it, share it, and show it to their existing list of clients. Usually, one of those clients gets excited and within hours of hitting the MLS, a showing and contract follow.

Getting Potential Buyers Excited About Your House

One of the reasons you’ll want a real estate agent helping sell your house is because they know exactly how to create the right buzz about your listing. While you are focused on curb appeal and staging the interior, your realtor knows that there are other things buyers are looking for that really attract them to the right house. Your real estate agent is going to highlight the fact the house may be close to shopping or schools, is in a deed-restricted or gated community, and has lower taxes than neighboring cities.

Keeping the Sales Process Moving Along

One thing you might never have anticipated if you were selling your house without an agent, you are the only thing between you and your house, so you must interact with every caller or visitor to your house. This means you’ll be dealing with showing the house early some days and late on others. You will also be showing the house to people who have zero intentions of buying, who just want to see your house as it compares to their own. Your real estate agent is a buffer to all those solicitations and tire kicking, bringing only qualified buyers to the door.

Selling your house should not be a chore. And if you let a local realtor handle the heavy lifting, it should go without issue. Not only will your real estate agent be working hard to get the right buyers into the door, they will follow along with the sale from the home inspection, the closing, right up to when the check is handed over, to make sure everything goes without issue.